In Good Hands 

2022 Requirements

Mutual respect and transparency is the standard shared here at Bella Vista Spa for which I am incredibly thankful for our Family of Clients.  We continue to hold ourselves to these higher standards for your health, wellness and safety.  

We kindly ask if you are not feeling well or knowingly around someone who is sick or a Covid positive, please reschedule.  

Peace of mind for those whom are interested… We are fully vaccinated.  


2020 Requirements

A Commitment to Health

First and foremost, ensuring our health, safety, and wellness is a guiding principle as we make some changes at Bella Vista Massage and Spa for the foreseeable future. Taking some mutually respectful steps and instituting new protocols will somewhat change your experience for the time being, but please know that we are committed to providing you with an experience that centers on health, safety and wellness.

In compliance with recommendations and guidelines established by:

-The Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC)

-The PA Department of Health (DOH)

-The World Health Organization (WHO)

-Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)

-Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB)

I additionally sought expertise from the following Professionals:

-Senior Medical Risk and Safety Consultant

-Director of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialist



-Licensed Professional Counselor

-Immunocompromised Individual

As a licensed professional, it is a mandatory and ethical responsibility to abide by these guidelines and recommendations set by both the PA State, Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, and my regulatory Massage Associations for our health and safety.

What to expect during your next Massage

  • Temporarily, the number of daily appointments will be limited. 
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms including a fever; 100 degrees or above, cough, sore throat or not feeling well; simply stay home.
  • If you have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 or showing symptoms, please be respectful, honest, and cancel your appointment. You will be invited to reschedule.
  • Travelers- A Negative Covid Test or 14 Day Quarantine upon returning to PA. (No longer a requirement.)
  • Face Masks are to be worn by Therapists and Clients. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. This is a way to mutually respect and protect you and to protect me. (UPDATE- Fully vaccinated folks are NOT required to wear a mask.)
    • To ensure safety and comfort while wearing a mask for those who have concerns of laying in the prone (face down) position, the use of a pillowcase hammock-type pocket placed over the head rest to catch aerosols or side lying positioning is suggested to ensure client comfort.  
  • Pre and post session time and protocols have been adjusted between clients to eliminate an overlap of your personal space, to allow for total room sanitation with disinfectants for all surfaces; doorknobs, chairs, etc, that either of us have touched. In addition, my holistic practices of Herbs and Oils will fill the Spa with antibacterial/antiviral gifts from the Earth.
  • Sanitation- Sanitary measures have always been a standard of customary practice of massage. We have implemented additional measures for your safety. (We will continue practicing these higher standards.)
  • Total room sanitation between each client using disinfectants on all surfaces.
  • Windows and doors may be opened to allow ventilation if needed. 
  • Lidded hamper for all linens to be laundered.
  • Lidded, foot-pedals trash can emptied daily.
  • Table setup, table is sanitized and new linens are and have always been applied.
  • Bolsters and props are sanitized after each client.
  • Soft surfaces such as carpet are swept.
  • Electronics are disinfected
  • Diligent hand washing has always been standard practice. 
  • Special considerations and ac​commodations will be provided for those with preexisting conditions that put you at a higher risk and to those who are worried and anxious so please reach out to us. We are understanding of your needs and would like to make you our first appointment for the day to help set your mind at ease.
  • We all know the therapy of touch involved in massage therapy and the close physical proximity for an extended period of time during your appointment may elevate the risk of transmission of any disease or virus despite taking all reasonable steps. Sanitary measures have always been a standard of customary practice of massage, including diligent hand washing. We have implemented additional measures for your safety.  Consent for Treatment will be presented at the time of your appointment.
  • During this time, Hot Tub will be temporarily unavailable to help limit exposure and the time it takes for sanitation- giving us more time to devote to you. (April 2021 the Hot Tub will be available per request and details on usage will be given.) 
  • Many like to arrive early to enjoy some peaceful time before their massage. We ask that you do not come into the Spa on arrival, but to stay in your car or sit in the Springhouse walkway. We will personally come greet you, letting you know the Spa is ready for your experience. While you are waiting, roll your windows down and take in the sounds of the flowing stream and the ambience of Bella Vista that you love so much. We are very thankful to share this sense of peace with you. (You are now welcome into the Spa or if you feel more comfortable we can greet you at your car.)
  • Please limit the items that you bring into the Spa.
  • In the Spring House, there will be a sanitation station set up and a health check: (No longer a requirement.)
    • Pre Screening Protocols (Per CDC, temperatures no longer have to be taken as it is not the first sign of Covid.)
    • Therapists- Temperature taken each day, before seeing clients and if it is above 100 degrees we will contact you to reschedule.
    • Clients- Upon arrival your temperature will be taken, if above 100 degrees you will be asked to reschedule. Kindly check your temperature before leaving your home on the day of your appointment to avoid exposure and to save you a trip.
    • Hand Sanitizer will be provided for use before entering the Spa.
    • If there are any concerns during our screening, we reserve the right to defer your appointment to a later date.

  • Your massage session will flow as usual. Clients will disrobe to their comfort level, begin face down (the face rest covering will be slightly different with the possibility of a pillow case hammock style to allow capture of aerosols which allow you to be mask free when face down, if you wish to do so.)
  • When your massage is complete, take your time, get up slowly, get dressed and leave all linens on the table for proper sanitary removal. Remember to collect all your items at this time to avoid forgetting anything. Please do a quick self-check before you leave. If you do happen to forget something, call and we will make a plan for safe pick-up.
  • When checking out, if you wish to pay:
    • Cash- please place it in a sealed envelope or baggie. (No longer necessary, save a tree and your plastic baggie.)
    • Credit card- payments are accepted at the Spa (We will continue to be wiping all touched surfaces.)
    • Touchless- payments via PayPal Me

Post Session Protocols

  • 2 Days post session health check phone call to ensure neither of us started showing any apparent COVID-19 symptoms. (No longer a requirement but mutual respect will be given in the event of any known symptoms.)

Now take a deep breath… this is a lot to take in, but we assure you the relaxation and pain relief from the massage will ease any stress these new practices may cause. We will not lose sight of all the wonderful health benefits that massage therapy has for our health and wellness. We simply want you to know that we care and are taking the current situation seriously for everyone who values their time here at Bella Vista Massage and Spa. We are committed to you, we are committed to getting through this together and we will continue to assess the path forward.  These steps are not taken out of fear, but love and compassion for you, our community and our World.  

To your health,

Amber Goss, LMT

Olivia Carter, LMT

Phased Re Opening

In compliance with the PA State mandated closures. As a licensed professional, it is a mandatory and ethical responsibility to abide by these guidelines and recommendations set by both the PA State and my regulatory Massage Association for our health and safety.

As you know, PA plans to proceed with Phased Re Opening. We are currently in the Green Phase.

However, I am then required to return with a “new set of standards” while following the new protocols listed

{In Good Hands}

I am honored that you have been so patient and excited to return to the Spa. I value the trust you have placed in me and your acceptance of these changes.

Graceful Support and Understanding

An Ivory Rose symbolizes thoughtfulness and grace; a beautiful way to show one cares. This Ivory Rose expresses my appreciation of your patience, understanding and eagerness to return to Bella Vista Massage and Spa. My heart and hands can’t wait to welcome you back with open arms.

Please continue to be patient with all Licensed Professionals and Small Businesses who are simply trying to comply with all the new standards and guidelines required of them by their liability companies and State licensing agencies. Please realize that your understanding and encouraging support positively impacts the flowing transition back to normalcy.

This is how to gracefully support your favorite Small Business.